Created by development experts,
Kalifast manage all your problematics in one tool.

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Boost your applications' quality

Kalifast in 5 mn

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Extensive testing realisation

Kalifast allows to automate each of your applications. Here you can use it to realize extensive testing on a critical feature or to extract and insert data.

Rather than thinking of test cases which would have never been exhaustive, during a service at Dassault Systèmes, I tested the generation of bonus letters for the 12000 employees through Kalifast. I identified easily all cases that were problematic so now they can be managed.

Alphonse PROFFIT, KALIFAST's creator

Start-up, go off right

One Start-up out of 2 fails because of too many bugs in their applications.

To show solidarity and as a young innovative company expert in the development of applications, we propose an offer of co-branding ideal for start-ups


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