A revolutionized project management

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Project management at the center of the application

Project management is no longer focused on the numbers of bugs found but on the application itself. Kalifast is at the service of the application and aim for its good development. Each person is assigned on specific interventions that are clearly outlined by the project manager.

Kalifast can be adapted to every project methodologies including DevOps, Agile, TDD…

Risk Management made easier by automation

With Kalifast, the automation allows to detect risks precisely on every development. The performance gaps that emerge from the comparison of executions can detect impacts or effects of hidden edges.

This allows you to detect risks exhaustively on functions in order to focus on ensuring they work properly.

Users management

It is possible to choose whether some users can access some right according to the company or the projects’ needs.

Knowledge management

In Kalifast it is possible to capitalize all the work performed by the team.

Whether it is the information on the procedures, the implementation reports or statistics project and test plans designed, it is possible for anyone to benefit from the pooling of everyone's work.

Indicators and certifications of the application’s quality (Exhaustive and relevant stats)

For each delivery, exhaustive and precise statistics are accessible. You can know precisely the interventions’ impacts of your team on your application functions, knowing whether your test has been executed or not and knowing the quality of your tests.

You can classify scenarios and functions according to their criticality, having a clear display of the health of your application thus prioritizing your actions on the most critical areas.

Resources optimization

With Kalifast project management is a central yet not intrusive element of the software.

The project ownership

With Kalifast you can specify requirements and test plans at the most adequate periods of time.

The project manager

The project manager has reliable indicators focusing on the application. He knows the quality of the application, is aware of all functions impacted by the ongoing development as well as on quality tests performed on them. For him, there are no blind spots left on the project.


They can optimize their time by focusing on their main activity: designing test cases. Because they don’t have to deal with PNC maintenance, they can share their test cases so other actors perform theirs upstream.


Developers benefit from a test cases thought by testers, and can play tests in their development environments. They can detect bugs earlier, correct their code before its delivered and they can keep controllers to measure the progress of the application. The access to capitalized knowledge facilitates the development phases greatly.


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